Fish Processing Technology and Product Development
Fish Processing Technology and Product Development
by Ninawe/Rathnakumar
Year 2008
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ISBN 13 9788185375892
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Chapter 1). Biochemical Composition & Quality of Fish and Shellfish

Biochemical composition of fish and shellfish
Characteristics of fish meat and fish protein
Changes in fish protein during processing and storage
Mechanism of muscle contraction and relaxation
Fish lipids
Changes in lipids during processing and storage
Fish spoilage and quality
Chemical methods of quality assessment

Chapter 2). Microbiological Quality of Freshwater & Fish Product

Factors affecting growth of microorganisms
Microbiology of fresh fish
Microbial aspects of dried and cured fish
Microbiology of fermented fish
Microbiology of irradiated foods
Microbiology of packed fish
Vacuum packaging
Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)
Seafood borne pathogenic bacteria
Indigenous bacteria
Non-indigenous bacteria
Sterilization and disinfection methods

Chapter 3). Fresh Fish Handling and Chilling

Quality changes and shelf life of chilled fish
Postmortem changes in fish
Manufacturing of different types of ice
Slurry ice in fish preservation
Quality requirement of water and ice
Application of ozone in seafood processing
Use of chlorine in fish processing

Chapter 4). Preservation of Fish by Curing (Drying, Salting & Smoking)

Salt curing of fish
Salting methods
Methods of salt drying practiced in India
Types of salt
Factors affecting the salting process
Microbiological spoilage
Drying of fish
Theory of drying
Fish drying process
Methods of drying
Artificial/mechanical dryers
Hot Air Dryers
Contact dryers
Smoke curing of fish
Types of smoking
Smoked products of India
Novel dried fish products
Types of marinades
Impact of fish curing
Preservatives used in cured fish
Quality issues and safety aspects
Specification for dried fishery products

Chapter 5). Freezing Technology

Principle of freezing
What happens during freezing
Types of freezer
Air blast freezers
Designing air blast freezers
Continuous air blast freezers
Fluidized and semi-fluidized freezers.
Plate freezers
Horizontal plate freezers
Vertical plate freezers
Liquid nitrogen freezer
Carbon dioxide freezer
Immersion freezers
Calculation of freezer refrigeration load
Load calculation
Freezing time
Calculation of freezing times
Freezing of Fishes
Coding, packing and storage
Freezing of fish
Freezing of prawns (shrimps)
Freezing of lobsters, lobster meat
Freezing of crab meat
Freezing of cuttlefish and squid
Methods of fish thawing
Quality changes in fish during freezing & frozen storage
Construction of cold store
Good handling & shipping practices
Live fish and shellfish transportation
Disposal of Effluent from seafood processing units

Chapter 6). Canning Preservation of Fish

Types of containers used in canning process
Unit operation of canning
Machineries used in canning operation
Sources of contamination and control measures
Principal spoilage organisms in canned foods
Principles of thermal processing
Spoilage in canned foods
Cut-out test for canned fishery products
Standard specifications for canned fishery products
Discolouration and common defects of canned seafood
Canning of fish/shell fish –methods followed
Retort pouch packaging

Chapter 7). Fish By Products & Waste Utilization

Fish meal
Fish protein concentrate
Technological modification to FPC/CFPPs
Fish oils and processing of fish liver oil
Other important byproducts
Fermented fishery products
Products from marine invertebrate shell waste and their application
Seaweed products

Chapter 8). Fishery Product Development

Surimi-based products
Fish sausage
Masala based surimi products – fish cake
Fish balls
Fish cutlets
Fish fingers
Fish nuggets
Fish flakes
Partially hydrolyzed and deodurised (PHD) fish meat and fish flour
Fish soup powder
Fish spirals
Fish chutney powder
Fish papad
Fish crackers
Fish noodles
Pickle preparation
Sardine fish pickle preparation
Prawn / fish pickles by asian style
Prawn / fish pickles by canadian style
Prawn / fish pickles by south - eastern style
Sweet and sour oyster pickle
Fish wafers
Fried fish fingers with potato chips
Smoked oysters picnin
Fried prawns
Preparation of fish kababs
Fish thandoori
Chank meat wafer
Instant fish pickle masala mix
Fish cuts flour
Masala flavoured dry fish

Chapter 9). Changes in the Properties of Proteins from Fish and Shellfish During Processing

Physico-chemical properties
Functional properties
Solubility Viscosity
Emulsification properties
Measuring Techniques - Gelation process and strength of gel

Chapter 10). Packaging Methods for Fish and Fish Products

Packing of frozen fishery products
Corrugated fibre board boxes
Testing of the corrugated box
Packaging of dried fishery products
Flexible packaging materials for marine foods
Fresh fish Processed fish
Advance technologies in food packaging
Intelligent packaging
Modified atmospheric packaging

Chapter 11). Advances in Fish Processing Technology

High temperature short time (HTST) processing
Application of high temperature short time (HTST) process
Aseptic canning – process and its application
Microwave heating
Factors related to product
Ohmic heating
Extrusion cooking
Demand for convenience foods

Chapter 12). Quality Assurance of Seafood and HACCP

Hazard analysis and critical control point– A detailed approach
Minimum facilities required for approval of a seafood processing unit
Sanitary and hygienic requirements
Sanitation in fish processing plant
Physical, chemical and biological hazards in seafood
Sanitation in seafood processing industries
Improving the control of pathogens in fish products