Bioresources for Food Security and Rural Livelihood
Bioresources for Food Security and Rural Livelihood
by Kulkarni/Pandey
Year 2010
Paperback/Hardbound Hardbound
ISBN 10 9380428049
ISBN 13 9789380428048
Language English
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Chapter 1. Crustaceans as a Source of Food Security for Rural Livelihood
G.K. Kulkarni

Chapter 2. Energy Budget in Indian Fresh Water Teleost and its Relevance in Aquaculture
B. N. Pandey and Ranjit Singh

Chapter 3. Fisheries and Aquaculture: The Potential Food Security Sector
P. Perumal and P. Santhanam

Chapter 4. Bio-prospecting of Bio-resources for Livelihoods of the Rural People
D.K. Belsare, S.D. Belsare and M. Murlidhar

Chapter 5. Breeding Techniques of Indian Major Carps: Advances and Future Strategies
P.D. Prasada Rao, P. L. Paul and T.K. Ghosh

Chapter 6. Improvement of Bioresources through Biotechnological Approaches
M. Bhaskar

Chapter 7. Biproducts of Sericulture Industry
A.K. Tripathi

Chapter 8. Freshwater Bioresource and their Biogeography in the Highland Rivers of Indian Subcontinent
Prakash Nautiyal, Rachna Nautiyal, V.P. Semwal, Asheesh Shivam Mishra and Jyoti Verma

Chapter 9. Marine Natural Resources and Food Production : The Saga of the Indian “Green Bullet”
Jyoti D. Vora

Chapter 10. Phytoestrogens and their Role as Bio-resources in Promoting Health and Curbing Diseases
C. Suresh

Chapter 11. Identification of a Novel Lactoferrin Variant in Milk of Bos Indicus Vechur Breed
S. Anisha, Anu Yamuna Joseph and C. Mohankumar

Chapter 12. Oestrogen and Progesterone Levels during Superovulatory Treatment in Frieswal Cows
S.K. Maurya and A.K. Mathur

Chapter 13. Bioresources: Challenges of Wetland Resources in Northeast India
D.K. Sharma and Chittaranjan Baruah

Chapter 14. Role of Fishery Resources for Food Security and Rural Livelihood in 21st Century With Special Reference to Rajasthan
Prahlad Dube

Chapter 15. Prawn Fishery Resources of India for Food Security as well as for Rural Employment
K.V. Jayachandran and B. Indira

Chapter 16. Smaller Fresh Water Prawns: Their Aquaculture Potential and Suitabilityas Good Laboratory Model
Sanjive Shukla and U.D. Sharma

Chapter 17. Bioresources as a Tool for Food Security and Rural Livelyhood with an Example of Scylla Serrato Fishing, Major Threats and Need of Science Communication For Mass Education
Prabhat K. Bajpai and Ashok K. Saxena

Chapter 18. Integrated Fish Farming in Scarifying the Rural Poverty with Special Reference to Eastern U.P.
J.P. Shukla

Chapter 19. Innovative Utilization of Whey
J.N. Khedkar and A.A. Phadatare

Chapter 20. Fish Production Enhancement and Sustainable Development using Fish cum Livestock Farming in Sewage Fed Bheries in East Kolkata Wetland, West Bengal: An Integrated Farming Approach
Mousumi Saha, M.N. Saha, B. Bandhophadhyay and Agniswar Sarkar, Mitalli Dhimani and S.S. Mishra

Chapter 21 Dairy Farming in Punjab: An Alternate to wheat Rice Cropping System
A.K. Jain and M.L. Mehra

Chapter 22. Hormonal Control of Final Oocyte Maturation in Tenualosa ilisha
Kousik Pramanick

Chapter 23. Functional Food: Increasing Therapeutic Value of Buffalo Milk through Conjugated Linoleic Acid and its Anti Carcinogenic Potency in Rats
C. Kathirvelan and A.K. Tyagi

Chapter 24. Dairying for Rural Livelihood and Nutritional Security
A.K. Srivastava

Chapter 25. Marine Living Resources of the Eez of India
L. Kannan, T. Thangaradjou and K. Sivakumar

Chapter 26. Advances in Exploration of Indian Seas for Bioresources Prospecting Biodiversity, Biotechnology and Associated Challenges
V.S. Somvanshi

Chapter 27. A Case Study on an Economic Aspect of Common Property Resources and Share in thar Desert of Western Rajasthan
G.R. Parihar

Chapter 28. Bio-resources as a Tool for Food Security and Rural Livelihood: Challenges of 21st Century
Sadhana Deshpande

Chapter 29. Origin and Phylogeography of Toda Buffaloes of Nilgiris in South India
P. Kathiravan, R.S. Kataria, B.P. Mishra, P.K Dubey and B.K Joshi

Chapter 30. Quantification of Histamine Content in Tuna (Thunnus species) During Processing
M. Pandian, Nilima Prabhu, Suman S. Pawar and P.D. Raut

Chapter 31. Seasonal Variation in Bio-chemical Composition of Freshwater Crab : Sartoriana Spinigera (Wood Mason)
R. Tahseen and A. Moitra

Chapter 32. Dietary Fibers : in Dairy Products
D.M. Choudhari and J.N. Khedkar

Chapter 33. Ecological Trends and Environmental Requirements of some Fish Species in Lower Zone of the River Ganges
Debabrata Das