Biology , Breeding and Farming of Important Food Fish
Biology , Breeding and Farming of Important Food Fish
by Chakrabarty et al
Year 2010
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Chapter 1. Introduction
Ompok bimaculatus, Ompok malabaricus Ompok pabda, Ompok pabo, Ompok sindensis, Maturity and breeding, Biology of O. bimaculatus, Breeding and seed production of O. pabda, Induced breeding, Embryonic development, Differentiation of embryo, Food and feeding habit, Culture

Chapter 2. Tangra (Mystus species)
Mystus armatus, Mystus bleekeri, M. cavasius,
M. gulio, M. keletius M. malabaricus, Biology of Tangra (M. tangra), M. leucophasis, M. oculatus., maturity and breeding Embryonic development, Larval development, Food and feeding habit, Biology of
M. vittatus,

Chapter 3. Anabas testudineus
Morphological features, Distribution and habitat, Fishery, Biology of Anabas testudineus, Reproduction, Maturity, Fecundity, Spawning, Life history, Food and feeding habit, Culture of Anabas

Chapter 4. Conclusion


Sustainable Production of carps ( Indian Major Carp and Exotic Carp ) have been achieved and standardized from different carp pockets of India., but there are a number of other food fishes and cat fishes that contribute to capture fisheries have immense food value, and market demand. In recent years researches with regards to biology, breeding and culture of several air breathing and non -air breathing fishes have given greater importance due to high consumer preference in different parts of the country. The information available on fish biology is in scattered form in different literature. Of those food fishes, cat fishes like pabda, Ompok pabda, (order:Siluriformes) Bagrid catfishes like Tangra Tangra sp (family:Bagaridae)., Climbing perch, Anabas testudineus ( family : Anabantidae ) are the fishes which are most popular and fetches a very high market price for their taste, flavour and nutritional value. With this idea, a first hand knowledge of various aspects of biology, breeding, seed production and culture of the above fishes have been presented in the present text which would certainly be of a great use to research workers, students and progressive entrepreneurs associated with Aquacultural Science


Dr Nares Mohan Chakrabarty, Ph. D, Principal scientist is a Senior most Cadre Aquacultural Scientist of Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture ( ICAR). He begun his service carrier in the field of brackish water shell fish and finfish cultural research in the year 1975.. He has served 35 years of prolonged service in various fields like Sewage-fed aquaculture, Peninsular’aquaculture and breeding and culture of selected air breathing and non- air breathing catfishes which has immense potentiality in culture and high market demand. Dr Chakrabarty is familiar as well known Scientist writer and author of six valuable books on Biology, Culture and production of Indian Major Carps - a review, Fish Diseases, Sewage fed aquaculture, Murrels and Murrel culture etc. and over 70 Scientific papers and popular article.

Dr Partha Pratim Chakrabarty, a senior Scientist did his M.Sc and Ph .D in Agric. Chemistry and Soil Science. from Calcutta University His area of specialization is Aquatic environment management and nutrient management for sustainable aquaculture. As a Scientist of Soil chemistry he contributed significantly in Mapping of pond soil and water resources for aquaculture system of different agro ecological regions of West Bengal. He also worked on evaluation of tolerance limit of heavy metals in different fish species. He has published 20 research papers and 8 popular Scintific articles in different research journals and magazines.

Sri Subhas Chandra Mondal, T - 5 (Technical officer) have prolonged experience in fish breeding work. At the beginning of service he was associated with a project in Frog breeding and culture. He has developed a promising technique of breeding of pabda ( butter catfish) which will be helpful to meet the demand of pabda seed for the culture of this esteemed catfish.