Fundamentals of Agriculture Engineering
Fundamentals of Agriculture Engineering
by Kale/Supe
Year 2012
Paperback/Hardbound Hardbound
ISBN 10 9380428529
ISBN 13 9789380428529
Language English
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Part-I. Soil and Water Engineering

1). Hydrology, 2). Soil and Water Conservation 3). Mechanic of Fluid Flow, 4). Soil water Plant Relationship 5). Irrigation Methods 6). Canal Irrigation 7). Crop Water Requirement 8). Irrigation Scheduling 9). Drainage Engineering 10). Ground Water Hydrology 11). Irrigation Wells 12). Water Lifting Devices 13). Land Development


Part - II Farm Power and Machinery

14). Farm Power 15). Farm Engine 16). Agricultural Tractors 17). Tillage Machinery 18). Planting machinery 19). Harvesting & Threshing Machinery 20). Sprayers and Dusters


Part - III Agriculture Process Engineering

21). Properties of Fluid 22). Properties of Agricultural Produce 23). Unit Operation 24). Cleaning and Sepration 25). Heat Transfer 26). Properties of Air Vapor Mixture 27). Drying of Agricultural Produce 28). Preservation of Agriculture Produce 29). Material Handling 30). Storage of Agricultural Produce


Part - IV Renewable Source of Energy

31). Solar Energy and Its Application 32). Biogas Technology 33). Winf Energy and Its Utilization 34).

Part - V Farm Structure

35). Dairy Housing 36). Poultry Housing 37). Green House Technology and Building Materials



The present book is intended to equip the students and others who are interested in keeping themselves updated in the subject of Agricultural Engineering. There is a vast amount of knowledge already available and is being added everyday. There is a lag between the knowledge available and its understanding by the students. In present book effort is made to provide key points (about 5000) to the students so that they can remember them for various traditional as well as competitive examinations like NET, GATE, IFS etc. The key point presentation can also be useful for preparing visual aid for power point presentations. The present book is expected to fulfill the needs of the undergraduate students in remembering the key points in the field of Agricultural Engineering.