Advances in Fish Research Vol V
Advances in Fish Research Vol V
by Goswami, U C
Year 2014
Paperback/Hardbound Hardbound
ISBN 10 9380428588
ISBN 13 9789380428581
Language English
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Published in Year '2014'
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Chapter 1. Morphometrics-Gasexchange-Fresh-water Environments Swamps, Marshes and Relationship with other Biota
J.S. Datta Munshi

Chapter 2. Impact of Changing Climate on Fishery Sector and Adaptation Options
B. Meenkumari

Chapter 3. Digestive Enzyme Profile of Carps: An Overview
Rina Chakrabarti and Jai Gopal Sharma

Chapter 4. Efficacy of Induced Breeding Strategies
Urmi Chatterji

Chapter 5. Fatty Acid Profiles of Freshwater Fish
G. Venkateshwarlu and Sofji S. Bhadran

Chapter 6. An Overview of Gonadal Disruption in Fishes Inhabiting Natural Aquatic Environments and Future Research Needs
A.K. Singh and Ranjana Srivastava

Chapter 7. Application of Fish Pheromones : A Review
Rupam Sharma and Umesh C. Goswami

Chapter 8. Environmental Stress Mediated Diseases of Fish : An Overview
R.P. Raman, C. Prakash, M. Makesh and N.A. Pawar

Chapter 9. Immune Response of Cat Fish Arius Arius Against Bacterial Pathogens
S. Kumaran, B. Deivasigamani, M. Vajith, S. Balamurugan and M. Sakthivel

Chapter 10. Introduction to Freshwater Fish Parasites
Gadadhar Das

Chapter 11. Antinutritional Factors In Plant Origin Fish Feed Ingredients: The Problems And Probable Remedies
Ansuman Hajra, Anupriya Mazumder, Anjali Verma, Debi Prasad Ganguly, Bimal P. Mohanty and Anil P. Sharma

Chapter 12. Strategies for Sustainable Increase in Fish Production through Aquaculture
P. Keshavanath

Chapter 13. Organic Aquaculture: Way to Sustainable Production
Kiran Dube and Thongam I. Chanu

Chapter 14. Larval Nutrition and Growth of Indian Major Carp
Anupriya Mazumder, Debi Prasad Ganguly, Subhadeep Das Gupta, Mayurakshi Roy and Ansuman Hajra,

15. Piscicidal Plants in Fish Nursery Management
S.N. Ramanujam B.K. Ratha and R. Dominic

Chapter 16. Small Indigenous Fishes and their Importance in Human Health
B.P. Mohanty, M.K. Pati, S. Bhattacharjee, A. Hajra and A.P. Sharma

Chapter 17. Application of Food Web Models for Ecosystem Based Management of Aquatic Resources
M. Feroz Khan and Preetha Panikkar

18. Inland Fisheries Extension, its Status and Strategies for Development of Fisheries in the Country
Utpal Bhaumik

Chapter 19. Socio-economic Issues in Inland Fisheries
Pradeep K. Katiha and Anjana Ekka

Chapter 20. Value Added Fishery Products in India
K.C. Dora and B.K. Chand