Protected Horticulture
Protected Horticulture
by Preethi, T L et al
Year 2012
Paperback/Hardbound Hardbound
ISBN 10 9380428677
ISBN 13 9789380428673
Language English
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Chapter 1. Profiles of Crop Production Systems of Horticultural Crops

Chapter 2. Scenario of Protected Cultivation World Wide

Chapter 3. Nursery Production Technique for Micro-lines and Microcuttings

Chapter 4. Hot Box System & Ball Culture for Germination

Chapter 5. Automatic Filling & Planting Systems

Chapter 6. Types and Structure of Greenhouse

Chapter 7. Importance of Environment Control

Chapter 8. Environmental Factors

Chapter 9. Greenhouse Fertilizers and Irrigation

Chapter 10. Growing Media for Greenhouse

Chapter 11. Soil Less Culture in Greenhouse

Chapter 12. Climate Walls and Roofing Materials

Chapter 13. Fogging Systems

Chapter 14. Ventilation Systems

Chapter 15. Cooling Systems

Chapter 16. Greenhouse Production of Roses

Chapter 17. Greenhouse Production of Orchids

Chapter 18. Greenhouse Production of Chrysanthemum

Chapter 19. Greenhouse Production of Carnation

Chapter 20. Greenhouse Production of Gladiolus

Chapter 21. Production Technology of Anthurium

Chapter 22. Greenhouse Production of Cucumbers

Chapter 23. Greenhouse Production of Tomatoes

Chapter 24. Greenhouse Production of Capsicums

Chapter 25. Greenhouse Production of Strawberry

Chapter 26. Production Constraints

Chapter 27. Review of Research