Biodiversity and Taxonomy
Biodiversity and Taxonomy
by Kumar, Biju
Year 2013
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ISBN 10 9380428928
ISBN 13 9789380428925
Language English
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Chapter 1. Occurrence and Diversity of Termitomyces Species in Kodagu District of Western Ghats, Karnataka by Abolfazl Pahlevanlo and G.R. Janardhana

Chapter 2. Bamboo Biodiversity and Biofencing in a Livestock Fodder Venture by Anju Paul, Francis Xavier and E.D. Benjamin

Chapter 3. Biodiversity of Phylum Echinodermata along the Kerala Coast, India by R.P. Deepa and A. Biju Kumar

Chapter 4. Diversity and Distribution of Phytoplanktons in Ashtamudi Lake: The Second Largest Ramsar Site in Kerala by K.B. Devi, T. Alexander, M.P. Nayar and P.K. Shaji

Chapter 5. Diversity of Mangrove Litter Inhabiting Microarthropods with Special Reference to their Functional Role in Midnapore (East) Coast, West Bengal, India by M.K. Dey, A.K. Hazra and S.K. Chakraborty

Chapter 7. Distributions of Pestiferous Terrestrial Molluscs in Bangalore Region, Karnataka by M. Jayashankar, N.A. Aravind and M.S. Reddy

Chapter 8. Bird's Nest Fungi in India: a New Record from Sikkim by Kanad Das and Ruilin Zhao

Chapter 9. Implication of Medicinal Plants in the Conservation of Butterfly Diversity: A Case Study from Achanakmar Amarkantak Biosphere Reserve, Central India by S. Kiruba, Pankaj Kumar Sahu, S. Jeeva and S. Sam Manohar Das

Chapter 10. Survey of Earthworm Species used for Vermicomposting in Tirunelveli District, Tamil Nadu, South India by V. Lakshmi and M. Ebenezer

Chapter 11. Comparison of Different Clustering Patterns and Development of Statistical Key for Vigna Taxa by M. Latha, K.T. Presannakumari, S. Krishnan, Z. Abraham and J.S. Minimol

Chapter 12. Bryophyte Diversity along a Gradient of Human Disturbance in the Ponmudi Hills, of Kerala, Western Ghats by G.S. Manoj and K. Murugan

Chapter 13. Butterfly Garden: Biodiversity Conservation in Human Stressed Environments by P. Manoj and Punnen Kurian

Chapter 14. Diversity and Distribution of Bacillus Strains from the Water Samples of a Tropical Wetland Ecosystem by Maya George and A.A. Mohamed Hatha

Chapter 15. Altitude-wise Variations in Diversity of Freshwater Periphytic Microalgae in Anamalai Area of Western Ghats by K.M. Mohamed Nasser and S. Sureshkumar

Chapter 16. Butterfly Migration Studies in Kerala Part of Western Ghats: An Overview by Muhamed Jafer Palot

Chapter 17. Schematic Identification of ‘Chethikoduveli’ (Plumbago rosea L.) Ideotype for Optimal Plumbagin Content by Namboodiri Raji Vasudevan, S. Krishnan and V.V. Radhakrishnan

Chapter 18. Flowering and Fruiting Phenophases in a Tropical Dry Deciduous Forest of Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka, Southern India by A. Nanda

Chapter 19. Purity Assessment of a Riparian Ecosystem: A Rapid Pursuit using Entomological Indicators by S. Nandakumar and M.G. Sanalkumar

Chapter 20. Seasonal Influence of Halobacterial Biodiversity in Cape Comorin Coast,Tamil Nadu, India by G. Prakash Williams

Chapter 21. Larval Digenean Diversity in non-commercial Marine Fishes off the Southwest Coast of India by B.O. Prasad

Chapter 22. Diversity of Litter Degrading Microfungi from the Forests of Western Ghats, India by J. Pratibha, S. Raghukumar and D.J. Bhat

Chapter 23. Biodiversity of Marine Gastropods (Mollusca: Gastropoda) along Kerala Coast by Preetha Karnaver and A. Biju Kumar

Chapter 24. Cherai Beach- A Haven of Taxonomic Diversity by G. Priyalakshmi and N.R. Menon

Chapter 25. Human Perceptions of, and Interactions with, Caecilian Amphibians in the Kerala Region of the Western Ghats of India. by K. Ramachandran and V.O. Oommen

Chapter 26. Breeding Status of Lesser Sand Plover from Chandertal Wetland: A New Record by Ranjit Singh and D.R. Thakur

Chapter 27. Diversity and Distribution of Aquatic Insects in the River Achencovil during Monsoon Season in Relation to Water Quality by Reeja Jose, M.G. Sanal Kumar and S. Nandakumar

Chapter 28. Patterns of Distribution of Bryophytes in Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala by K. Remya, S.L. Shilpa and K. Murugan

Chapter 29. Biodiversity of Anomuran Crabs (Arthropoda: Anomura) along Kerala Coast, India by R. Reshmi and A. Biju Kumar

Chapter 30. Diversity and Spatiotemporal Variation of Actinomycetes Population in the Soils of Tropical Montane Forest of Western Ghats, Kerala by Rinoy Varghese, R. Suchithra, S. Nishamol, Joby Paul and A.A. Mohamed Hatha

Chapter 31. Butterflies of Tripura by Rudra Prasad Das, V. Balakrishnan, Nelson Rodrigues, K. Sasihumar and Arjan Basu Roy

Chapter 32. Ichthyofaunal Diversity of River Achenkovil in Relation to Water Physico-Chemical Characteristics by G. Santhy, M.G. Sanalkumar and R.S. Balamurali

Chapter 33. Floral Biodiversity of Moderate to Steep Slope Land in Semi-arid Area: A Case Study Near Aravali Hills, Avikanagar by R.B. Sharma, and S.C. Sharma

Chapter 34. Diversity of Laccase Producing Microbial Strains from Forest Soil of Kerala by D. Sheena and A. Jayakumaran Nair

Chapter 35. Diversity of Marine Ornamental Fishes Along Kerala Coast by T.K. Sirajudheen and A. Biju Kumar

Chapter 36. Taxonomy and Diversity of Octopuses (Mollusca: Cephalopoda) along the Kerala Coast by V. Sreeja and A. Biju Kumar

Chapter 37. Phytoplankton Diversity of Vattakayal, Kollam District, Kerala by B.S. Suma and C. Shaji

Chapter 38. Pteridophytes of Western Ghats by Sumesh Dudani, M.D. Subhash Chandran and T.V. Ramachandra

Chapter 39. Impact of Sand Mining on the Biodiversity of Zoobenthos: A Case Study from Achankovil River at Pathanamthitta Region of Kerala by R. Sunil Kumar

Chapter 40. Biosystematics of Pteromalidae (Insecta: Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea) of Indian Subcontinent an Overview by P.M. Sureshan

Chapter 41. Influence of Lotic and Lentic Habitats on the Biology of Rasbora daniconius (Hamilton) (Pisces: Cyprinidae) by S. Suvarna Devi and S.D. Rita Kumari

Chapter 42. Documentation and Distribution of Aquatic Plants in Relation with Certain Environmental Variables of Kuttanad Wetland Ecosystem, Kerala by V.P. Sylas, C.M. John, Joby Paul, K.S. Unni, A.P. Thomas and E.V. Ramasamy

Chapter 43. Bruchids (Coleoptera: Bruchidae) Spectrum of Acacia catechu (L.f.) Willd. from Himachal Pradesh by D.R. Thakur and Vinay Katoch

Chapter 44. Virulence Diversity Among Newcastle Disease Virus in Chickens: A Plaque Assay Approach by K.T. Tincy, S. Sherin and A. Jayakumaran Nair

Chapter 45. A Few Rare, Endemic, Endangered and Threatened Plants of Western Ghats for Conservation Concern by P.S. Udayan and M.K. Harinarayanan

Chapter 46. Branchiopods: Unique Denizens of a Disappearing and Neglected Wetland by Usha Balaraman