Biodiversity : Utilization, Threats and Cultural Linkages
Biodiversity : Utilization, Threats and Cultural Linkages
by Kumar, Biju
Year 2013
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ISBN 10 9380428944
ISBN 13 9789380428949
Language English
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Chapter 1. Anti-inflammatory, Analgesic and Anti-lipid Peroxidative Properties of the Fertile Fronds of Drynaria quercifolia (L.) by J. Smith. G.I. Anuja, P.G. Latha, S.R. Suja, V.J. Shine, S. Shyamal, S. Sini,P. Shikha, N.M. Krishnakumar, G. Sreejith and S. Rajasekharan

Chapter 2. Phytochemical Investigations on the Endangered Medicinal Plant Nervilia Aragoana Gaud by C. Beena and V.V. Radhakrishnan

Chapter 3. In Vitro Propagation and Conservation of Dioscorea Wild Species by V. Deepa and M. Unnikrishnan

Chapter 4. Temporal Valuation of Forests' Contribution to Local Economy and Environment: Kerala by V. Govindaru

Chapter 5. Implications of Trawling on Marine Ecosystem off West Bengal by Mahua Das

Chapter 6. Standardised Principal Components for Vegetation Variability Monitoring Across Space and Time by T.R. Mathew

Chapter 7. Anti-Microbial Effect of a Highly Important Medicinal Plant: Gymnema sylvestre by G.S. Nikhila, G. Archana and T.S. Swapna

Chapter 8. Cybertaxonomy - A Novel Tool in Biodiversity Science by K. Rajmohana and C. Bijoy

Chapter 9. Anthropogenic Threats to Fish Biodiversity of Periyar Lake, A Western Ghats Hotspot by K. Ranjeet, K.V. Radhakrishnan, S. Sureshkumar and Madhusoodana B. Kurup

Chapter 10. Species Specific Microsatellite Markers: A Tool for Amphibian Conservation R. Remya, V. Sujith Gopalan, K. Santhosh Kumar and Sanil George

Chapter 11. An ‘SOS’ from the Birds of Pichavaram Mangrove Wetlands by S. Sandilyan

Chapter 12. Intraspecific Variability Studies in Terminalia chebula Retz. Accessions Collected from Various Agroclimatic Zones in South India by Satheesh George, A.B. Remashree and Indira Balachandran

Chapter 13. Impacts of Dam Construction on Piscine Fauna: A Case Study of Kakkad River by Sherly P. Anand

Chapter 14. Oxidative Stress Experienced by Freshwater Fish Anabas testudineus Exposed to Sewage Effluents of Parvathyputhenar, Kerala by S.R Soorya, C. Aruna Devi, R.N. Binitha, B.V. Amrutha,G. Jayalekshmy and Francis Sunny

Chapter 15. Connotation of Minor Millet Biodiversity and Indirect Payments in Tribal Homesteads in the Backdrop of Climate Change by Sreejith Aravindakshan and A.K. Sherief

Chapter 16. A Study on Detrimental Effect of Developmental Activities Along Coast and off-shore Waters of Orissa: An Olive Ridley (Lepidochelys Olivacea) Sea Turtle Perspective by Subrata K. Behera, Ved Prakash Ola, Satyaranjan Behera,Sajan John, K. Sivakumar, B.C. Choudhury and C.S. Kar

Chapter 17. A Note on the Colourmorphism of Raorchestes akroparallagi from Western Ghats by U.G. Sujith V. Gopalan, R. Remya, Santhosh K. Kumar and Sanil George

Chapter 18. Aquatic Biodiversity Plays a Role in the Development of North Bihar by Vidyanath Jha, A.B. Verma and Prajna Jha

Chapter 19. Haematological Profile of Two Barbs, Puntius mahecola (Valenciennes) and Puntius filamentosus (Valenciennes) (Pisces: Cyprinidae) by K.N. Vijayakumari

Chapter 20. Impact of Anthropogenic Intervention on the Macrofaunal Biodiversity of Gorai Creek, Mumbai by Vishakha Shingala and Nandini Patil

Chapter 21. Biodiversity and Cultural Linkages in India by T. Damu

Chapter 22. Spiritual Dimensions of Biodiversity Conservation: A Case Study by Kannan C.S. Warrier and C. Kunhikannan

Chapter 23. ‘Dashapushpam’- A Culture, Custom and a Religious Concept Exclusive from Kerala and the Scientific Spirit Behind by Mini N. Vijayan

Chapter 24. Spiritual and Ecological Dimensions of Sacred Groves in Biodiversity Conservation, with Special Reference to Thiruvananthapuram City, Kerala by R. Neeta Nair and V.K. Jayalekshmi

Chapter 25. Folklore Landscape of Kerala by C.R. Rajagopalan