Laboratory Techniques of Basic Microbiology
Laboratory Techniques of Basic Microbiology
by Muzaddadi, A U
Year 2013
Paperback/Hardbound Hardbound
ISBN 10 9382471103
ISBN 13 9789382471103
Language English
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Published in Year '2013'
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1. Study of Basic Laboratory Instructions and Terms in Microbiology Laboratory
2. Study of Compound Bright-Field Microscope
3. Study of Microscopy
4. Focusing and Care of Microscope
5. Study of Microscopic Measurement (Micrometry)
6. Study of Different Types of Microscopes
7. Study of Aids/Tools/Apparatus/Devices of Microbiology Lab
8. Cleaning and Maintenance of Glassware and Plasticware in Microbiology Lab
9. Sterilization by Dry Heat
10. Sterilization by Moist Heat
11. Sterilization by Filtration
12. Sterilization by Chemical Agent
13. Gaseous Sterilization
14. Sterilization by Irradiation
15. Study of Laminar Flow Hood and Aseptic Technique
16. Study of Culture Media
17. Culture Media Preparation
18. Adjustment of pH of a Media
19 Enumeration of Bacteria, and Study of Colony Characters
20. Purification of Mixed Bacterial Culture by Streak Plate Method
21. Inoculation of Liquid Media and Study of Colony Characters
22. Slant Inoculation and Preservation of Isolates
23. Inoculation by Stab Method
24. Enumeration of Bacteria of Surfaces by Swabbing
25 Environmental Conditions affecting Bacterial Growth
26. Study of Wet Mount Technique
27 Motility Test by Hanging Drop Technique and Culture Method
28. Study of Stains, Smear Preparation and Simple Staining
29. Negative Staining
30. Capsular Staining
31. Gram Staining
32. Spore staining
33. Acid-fast Staining
34. Flagellar Staining
35. Biochemical Tests for Identification of Bacteria
36. Study and Enumeration of Coliforms, Fecal Coliforms and E. coli
37. Observation of Fungi by Slide Culture Technique
38. Study of Yeast Morphology
39. Study of Algae
40. Study of Protozoa
41. Study of Bacteriophages