MODERN FOOD : Current Issues and Perspectives
MODERN FOOD : Current Issues and Perspectives
by Tripathi/Srivastava
Year 2013
Paperback/Hardbound Hardbound
ISBN 10 9382471189
ISBN 13 9789382471189
Language English
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Chapter 1). Food their Components and Properties

Chapter 2). Nutraceutical and Functional Food as Future Food

Chapter 3). Bioactive Food Components

Chapter 4). Food Enzymes

Chapter 5). Nutrition Problems and Novel Food

Chapter 6). Health Food and Human Health

Chapter 7). Genetic Modified Food

Chapter 8). Miscellaneous Foods Products

Chapter 9). History and Occurrence of Microorganism in Food

Chapter10). Microorganisms and Food

Chapter 11). Determining Microorganisms in Foods and Food Products

Chapter 12). Microbial Food Spoilage: Indicators

Chapter 13). Foodborne Diseases and Novel Processing Technologies

Chapter 14). Microbiological Medias, Growth Conditions and Starter Cultures

Chapter 15). Fermentation and Enzyme Technology

Chapter 16). Food preservation Technologies in Food

Chapter17). Future of Bioinformatics in Food Processing

Chapter18). Biotechnology and Food Entrepreneurship Development