Principles of Genetics
Principles of Genetics
by Ramachandra,RK
Year 2015
Paperback/Hardbound Hardbound
ISBN 10 9382471944
ISBN 13 9789382471943
Language English
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Contents of the Book.

Ch 1: Basic Concepts in Genetics

Ch 2: Structural Basis of Heredity: Cell and its Organelles

Ch 3: Chromosomes: The Site for Hereditary Units

Ch 4: Cell Division

Ch 5: Gametogenesis and Fertilization in Plants

Ch 6: Functional Basis of Heredity

Ch 7: Gene Interactions

Ch 8: Structural Chromosomal Aberrations

Ch 9: Numerical Chromosomal Aberrations

Ch 10: Linkage

Ch 11: Crossing Over

Ch 12: Cytoplasmic Inheritance

Ch 13: Sex Determination

Ch 14: Mutations

Ch 15: Chemical Basis of Hereditary

Ch 16: DNA Research and its Implications in Crop Improvment

Ch 17: Permutations and Combinations

Ch 18: Monohybrid Ratios

Ch 19: Dihybrid Ratio

Ch 20: Testing of Goodness of Fit

Ch 21: Multiple Alleles

Ch 22: Gene Interaction

Ch 23: Linkage Estimation

Ch 24: Genetics of Sex Determination

Ch 25: Polygenic Inheritance