Production Technology of Fruits
Production Technology of Fruits
by Bakshi, P
Year 2015
Paperback/Hardbound Hardbound
ISBN 10 9384337161
ISBN 13 9789384337162
Language English
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Contents of the Book

Ch 1. Definition and Branches of Horticulture

Ch 2. Importance and Scope of Fruit Production

Ch 3. Climatic Zones of Horticulture Crops

Ch 4. Area and Production of Different Fruit Crops

Ch 5. Selection of Site, Fencing and Wind Break, Planting Systems, High Density Planting, Planting and Establishment

Ch 6. Propagation Methods and Use of Rootstocks

Ch 7. Micro-Propagation of Fruit Crops

Ch 8. Training and Pruning of Fruit Crops

Ch 9. Methods of Irrigation in Fruit Crops

Ch 10. Weed Management in Fruit Plants

Ch 11. Classification of Fruits

Ch 12. Use of Growth Regulators in Fruit Production

Ch 13. Tools and Implements used in Horticulture

Ch 14. Rejuvenation of Uneconomic Orchards

Ch 15. Methods of Fertilizer Application in Fruit Crops

Ch 16. Description of Important Fruit Varieties

Ch 17. Year Round Calendar of Operations for Fruit Crops

Ch 18. Organic Farming in Fruit Production

Ch 19. Climate Change and Fruit Production

Ch 20. Hi-Tech Horticulture

Ch 21. Biotechnology and Fruit Production